CD review MOTOROWL ‘Atlas’

(8/10) Almost to date two years ago, German based rock outfit Motorowl unleased with ‚Om Genetator‘ an album that wowed. Very well-crafted hard rock- / classic rock songs have been a delight for listeners and 23 month later it‘s ‚Atlas‘ that comes with the same ambition. 

Motorowl doesn‘t reinvent the wheel with their sophomore album, but they make it rounder if you will. The sophomore album feels like a continuation of what the quintet from Thuringia started with ‚Om Genetator‘.  

The beauty of the album is the variety of influences. From Kraut rock to early Maiden influences, all is part of this album. The creative master stroke is to put all these moments of inspiration together into something that sounds exciting and different. This is what Motorowl achieved with their second album and it is what adds a thrill to each of the seven songs.  

There are beautiful moments like the title track that lives by its positive tension between loud and fragile, reflecting excellent classic rock. Furthermore there‘s the straightforward ‚To Give‘, a counterpart to the closer ‚Norma Jean‘. The final track on the album is an epic one. The band put everything they stand for into this nine minutes epos that is more than just the last track. It‘s a finale furioso. Great Hammond parts go hand in hand with heavy riffs and well done tempo changes. Sometimes energtic, sometimes soulful the song unfolds its entire beauty step by step. 

If you liked the debut, you will not be disappointed by ‚Atlas‘. Motorowl‘s second longplayer is a next step towards premier league of classic rock. Very well done guys. 





  1. Infinite Logbook 
  2. The Man Who Rules The World  
  3. Atlas 
  4. To Give 
  5. To Take 
  6. Cargo 
  7. Norma Jean 


Label: Century Media 

Genre: Classic Rock 

Release Date EU: June 27th, 2018

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