CD review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer III’

Although Stockholm is their homebase, Lucifer is an international Rock act with roots in Berlin, Germany. Lucifer is the brainchild of Johanna Sadonis who penned the first album together with Cathedral’s Garry Jennings. Line-up changes in 2016 brought new players on board with veteran Nicke Andersson becoming an important musical partner for Sadonis. With Andersson on board also the musical direction got an adjustment. Doom Metal was the main musical expression of the debut while things moved toward Classic Rock on the second album, a direction that finds its continuation on the new longplayer.

To keep track of Lucifer’s albums is an easy think. Simply numbered as ‘I’, ‘II’ and now ‘III’, the often decisive third album is in the starting blocks. ‘Ghosts‘, leading off the album, is a smoothly rocking tune with a catchy chorus. It‘s a strong retro vibe that drives the the song, reminding of the heroes  of the ‚70s. Due to the vocal lines in the verse I actually had to think of Jethro Tull ‘Locomotive Breath’ once in a while.  

‘Leather Demon‘ is kept in a moderate pace and spreads a dark spirit reminding of Avatarium the way the song’s build-up. ‘Lucifer‘, a gloomy rocker, keeps the melodic approach alive, just a bit faster than ‚Leather Demon‘ while ‘Flanked By the Snake‘ is equipped with a solid Rockn‘Roll groove, also being one of the faster tunes on ‘Lucifer III‘. 

The record isn‘t too long and with ‚Cemetery  Eyes‘ the closing song comes rather quickly.  It‘s another moment I had to think of Avatarium, esp. in the beginning. However, the last chapter on the album is a well-written one. More than five minutes of soulful Classic Rock, that‘s what Lucifer offers at the end of ‘Lucifer III‘.

To wrap it up. Lucifer‘s newest delivery represents well done Classic Rock songs. Soulful, sometimes also a bit psychedelic, the songs blossom in shades of grey right away. Fans of the band will like the album, a release Rock fans in general should check-out.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Ghosts
  2. Midnight Phantom
  3. Leather Demon
  4. Lucifer
  5. Pacific Blues
  6. Coffin Forever
  7. Flanked By Snakes
  8. Stay Astray
  9. Cemetery Eyes

Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: March 20th, 2020



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