CD review JONATHAN HULTÉN ‘Chants From Another Place’

Known as a powerful riff contributor in Tribulation, Swedish guitarist Jonathan Hultén focusses on his newest sole album more on the soulful tones. ‘Chants From Another Place’ is an emotive album that follows the 2017 EP ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ and shows Hultén’s musical passion from a different angle.

The album carries in total 12 acoustic songs, reflecting a singer/songwriter approach. Being equipped with calmer tones doesn’t mean that ‘Chants From Another Place’ is less intense. The opposite is the case, esp. when listening to it with your headphones on. Next to the musical brilliance that feeds each of the songs it’s the emotional depth that gives the album a very special vibe.

Great songs like the the smoothly rocking ‘Next Big Day’, the cinematic ‘Outskirts’ and beautiful ‘While Devils Weep’ are masterpieces – sensitive and touching. The expressive music goes hand in hand with the lyrical approach. Hultén describes the album as a journey that the listener through all kinds of emotional stages, from ecstasy to despair and everything in between. It can’t be described better.

Maybe it’s the special circumstances these days that makes this album even more intense. In a time when everything slows down the album is a perfect soundtrack for this emotional rollercoaster ride. However, ‘Chants From Another Place’ carries great music and shows a total different side of the Tribulation guitarist. Recommended.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. A Dance In The Road
  2. The Mountain
  3. Next Big Day
  4. The Call To Adventure
  5. Wasteland
  6. Outskirts
  7. Holy Woods
  8. Where Devils Weep
  9. The Fleeting World
  10. Ostbjorka Brudlat
  11. The Roses
  12. Deep Night


Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: March 13th, 2020



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