UNDERTOW launched a new video

It was a great year for Undertow. The trade press celebrated the current album 'Bipolar' and the live concerts culminated at Metal Hammer Paradise festival. Therefore, at the end of the year, the "most underrated, best whatever metal band in the world" just says thank you and sends a thoughtful, calm video out into the... Continue Reading →

Review THE ORDER ‘Out of Order’ – EP

Good things never come with a wrong timing. For The Order, a hard rock outfit from Switzerland, this good thing was the release of their ‘Supreme Hypocrisy’ album and the chart entry in Switzerland. The guys aren’t rookies in their home country and getting into the Top 30 is certainly a success. To celebrate this... Continue Reading →

Review JUSTIN SULLIVAN ‘Surrounded’

This review is about an album that focusses on the calmer and gentle facets of music instead of challenging the speakers through hard riffs and massive beats. 'Surrounded' is the title of an album that comes from Justin Sullivan and is his second solo release in 18 years. The iconic singer, being known from the... Continue Reading →

CD review BONFIRE ‘Roots’

Bavaria's metal and rock veterans Bonfire have regained strength over the past few years. 'Temple of Lies' and 'Fistul of Fire' are evidence of a band that has picked up momentum. Singer Alexx Stahl certainly added his share to this positive development, as Bonfire mainman Hans Ziller has now again a good frontman next to... Continue Reading →

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