GREEN CARNATION and ‘The Acoustic Verses – Remastered’

Fans of Green Carnation know it already, ‘The Acoustic Verses’ isn’t an entirely new album. It’s a re-re-release of the 2006 longplayer that featured seven songs. 15 years later, Season Of Mist and Green Carnation put some spotlight on this acoustic album that features all seven songs from the original release plus three extra tracks.

Release date will be December 3rd, and the album will come via Season Of Mist.


  1. Sweet Leaf
  2. The Burden is Mine… Alone
  3. Maybe?
  4. Child`s Play, part 3
  5. Alone
  6. 9-29-045
  7. Six Ribbons
  8. Transparent Me
  9. High Tide Waves
  10. Child`s Play, part 3 (live version)

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