Review MORDRED ‘The Dark Parade’

For a lot of good reasons bands like Faith No More and others are mentioned in the context of crossover, uniting metal with other genres. At the same time a forerunner for crossover is often forgotten. California-based Mordred unleashed in 1989 a debut album called ‘Fool’s Game’ that was as great as it was revolutionary for this time. The guys took the booming thrash metal sound and mixed in with a solid portion of funk. Harsh riffing and scratching suddenly didn’t just worked next to each other but melted together to something rather new.

Unfortunately, the greatness of the debut couldn’t be repeated on the following two records, although especially ‘In This Life’ is another great crossover example. In 1995 the first era of Mordred ended.

The Mordred dot on the metal radar started to shine brighter again in the 2000s and last year things became much more tangible. Mordred announced work on a new album and unveiled with ‘Volition’ a first EP as an appetizer. Nearly a year later, Mordred’s forth studio album is on the way to the record stores. 27 years after ‘The Next Room’ has been released the new album marks the return of Mordred pretty much in the original line-up.

‘The Dark Parade’ is the title of Mordred’s new delivery, which is a nine songs comprising album. With having the EP in mind, and songs like the hip-hop-based ‘What Are We Coming To’ that stretched the boarders a lot’, curiosity for this record rose over the last months. Quo Vadis Mordred? Having listened to album several times allows me to say that Mordred are going back to the roots in a contemporary context. ‘The Dark Parade’ sound 100% like Mordred without the guys copying the sound of ‘Fool’s Game’.

A song, already known, is ‘Malignancy’ which has been already unveiled prior to the album. The song is a good ambassador for what to expect from ‘The Dark Parade’. Mordred plug-in their guitars and add the funky groove to this song, making tunes like ‘Dragging For Bodies’ to good genre representatives. Another song that stands out is ’All Eyes on the Prize’, built on a true thrash metal riff. Talking about the bottom part of the album means also to mention how things start off. ‘Demonic #7’ is the opener and after a sinister guitar intro, the tune unfolds all the Mordred trademarks right away. ‘Demonic #/’ isn’t only the opener. At the same time, it one of the best tracks on the album and refers to the original Mordred sound.

Mordred picks up the spirit of the early days and place it into the context of a time that’s thirty years later. Crossover became a buzz word over time and still it’s bands like Mordred the bring the creative and innovative aspect of metal to the plate.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Demonic #7
  2. Malignancy
  3. I Am Charlie
  4. Dragging For Bodies
  5. The Dark Parade
  6. All Eyes on the Prize
  7. Dented Lives
  8. Smash Goes the Bottle

Label: M-Theory Audio

Genre: Crossover/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 23rd, 2021



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