Review SPACE CHASER ‘Give Us Life’

The German metal scene was never lacking great thresh metal bands. Kreator, Destruction and Sodom belong to the spearhead of Teutonic thrash metal, and it was one decade ago when a new force took the stage. Berlin-based Space Chaser started in 2011 and after having put out a first demo on the market, an EP followed in 2013. In the meantime, two full-length albums have been revealed too, records being the springboard for the quintet to sign a deal with Metal Blades Records.

‘Give Us Life’ is the title of Space Chaser’s third longplayer and the first one for the new label. Getting full attention and having the chance to reach more fans, Space Chaser put an extra effort into their new album. The outcome is a raging thrash metal album that reminds of the genre heydays.

Space Chaser’s sound is modern and anchored in the here and now. Still there is an old-school vibe that accompanies each of the ten songs. There is no specific reference band, this album refers to. The five-piece powerhouse takes things from a wider perspective like there is a bit of Exodus present, like in the pulverizing title track, also due to Siegfried Rudzynski’s hoarse vocals.

Headbanging is mandatory while listening to ‘Juggernaut’. A grooving riff and a powerfully working rhythm section are what drives the song. The fictional story of an annihilating super tank-fortress is the lyrical concept of the song, being reflected by the music in perfection. ‘Give Us Life’ has no moment of rest neither you get a pause offered. Tunes like the straight-forward ‘A.O.A.’ are excellent thrash metal attacks that unfold their energy right away. ‘Immortal’ is another furious metal assault with leads that are mind-blowing. There is no brake. The DNA is solely programmed for speed and aggression, manifested in songs like ‘The Immortals’.

A roaring riff starts off the final track of the album. ‘Dark Descent’ is with six minutes the longest track and in case you expect a soulful ear-cuddler with an epic approach, no way. The quintet ends the album in the same fashion they kicked things off. The final track comes slamming out of the speaker with authority and power. 

‘Give Us Life’ is an album that carries crushing thrash metal. This album contains raw, spirit thrash metal and is made for beer-soaked slam pits. If the third album is still the decisive one for win or fail, these guys will stay for quite a while since what they deliver is jaw-dropping good. 

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Remnants of Technology
  2. Juggernaut
  3. Cryoshock
  4. A.O.A.
  5. The Immortals
  6. Signals
  7. Burn Them All
  8. Give Us Life
  9. Antidote to Order
  10. Dark Descent

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 16th, 2021




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