Listening to Resurrection Kings sophomore longplayer ‘Skygazer’ is a bit like walking down the memory lane. The band, or is it a project, premiered in 2016 with a self-titled longplayer and at the time I wasn’t expecting a next strike. But time proves me wrong and here is the new eleven songs featuring record from Chas West, Craig Goldy and Vinny Appice.

That the three guys came together under the moniker of Resurrection Kings is pretty much due to the involvement of Frontiers Music. Once the label made the connection line ready to go, work on the debut could start, an effort that finds its continuation these days.

It’s the spirit of the 80s that is reflected by each of the songs. It’s the sound of bands like Dio, Black Sabbath and Whitesnake that created the inspirational foundation for ‘Skygazer’. While title track needs a while and slowly shows some beauty, it’s ‘World’s on Fire’ and ‘Fight Against Our Pride’ leading to some enthusiasm right away. If you need a ballad, here it is called ‘Don’t Blame Our Love’ and shows that the guys probably listened to Whitesnake and Foreigner more than once. And here comes the downside. Although the album spreads some musical joy it is the own identity that is missing. Rationally OK it is the heart and soul that isn’t present. While reveling in the past, the trio forgot the today and the own identity. 

If the earlier mentioned bands belong to your favorites, ‘Skygazer’ could be interesting for you. However, none of the songs get close to the class of Whitesnake and Dio which leads to the question of why not sticking to the original.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Skygazer
  2. World’s On Fire
  3. Tears
  4. Fight Against Our Pride
  5. Angry Demons
  6. Savior Of Souls
  7. Don’t Blame Our Love
  8. Is This The End
  9. Troubled Soul
  10. Set Me On Fire
  11. Calling All Angels

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: July 16th, 2021


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