CD review MORDRED ‘Volition’

Far before Rage Against The Machine started their successful crossover mix, before Limp Bizkit became a megaseller and even before Anthrax and Public Enemy started a collaboration, it was Bay Area powerhouse Mordred that fused musical styles that doesn’t have a connection on first sight.

At the same time as Faith No More started to reach out to a wider fanbase, it was Mordred from San Francisco, that released with ‘Fool’s Game’ an album, which featured a mix of harsh thrash metal riffs and funk elements. With the sophomore record ‘In This Life’ the band went a step further and added with Aaron Vaughn a guy behind the turntables to the team.

After the third longplayer has been released, the band parted ways, right before the crossover heydays in the ’90s gained momentum. The guys couldn’t really harvest what the initiated at the time but the good new is, Mordred is back.

‘Volition’ is an EP that ends the wait for new songs, after ‘The Baroness’ has been a first teaser a few years ago. The EP starts with ‘Not For You’, a songs that lyrically fits perfectly into the current days of pandemic and injustice. Musically the tune has the hardness of the ‘Fool’s Game’ days and the scratching turntable sounds from ‘In This Life’.

‘What Are We Coming To’ takes a totally different road. It’s a pure HipHop track that no one expected from Mordred. but hey, the guys are known for unconventional twists and this song is a good example. And it sound actually even for a metalhead pretty cool.

The other two songs, ‘Love of Money’ and ‘The Baroness’, shows more of the typical trademarks again. ‘Love Money’ sound a bit scattered though. It’s not easy to grasp the flow of this track, but it evolves over time. ‘The Baroness’, first released as single in 2015, is another typical Mordred song with all trademarks in place.

‘Volition’ is an EP that creates appetite for more. The record shows the entire span of how Mordred sounds in 2020 and it’s surely a good thing that the pioneers of crossover metal are back.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Not For You
  2. Whate are We Coming To
  3. Love of Moeny
  4. The Baroness

Label: self-released

Genre: Crossover Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: June 19th, 2020



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