Review MARTA GABRIEL ‘Metal Queens’

Marta Gabriel is known as being the front woman of Crystal Viper, a melodic metal powerhouse that recently released with ‘The Cult’ a new album. Not only that Gabriel is gifted with an excellent metal voice that she also knows to use effectively, but she also knows how to handle the guitar. With these prerequisites in place the multi-instrumentalist has a solid toolkit at hand to also work on a solo album.

‘Metal Queens’ is the title of this solo album that will hit the shelves mid-July. Technically, the album isn’t a real solo album since it features eleven cover songs. However, this record is the brainchild of Gabriel and shows the greatness of heavy metal, a compilation that is a treat for your ears.

First and foremost, ‘Metal Queens’ features great heavy metal and creates a homage to female metal singers is an undertaking that shows a pretty good result. Gabriel found the right mix of songs, some more popular and other classics from the underground, connected by the passion for heavy metal.

Such an album can’t be without the Lee Aaron classic ‘Metal Queen’, which is interpretated on this longplayer in a stellar way. The immense power of this cover version is thrilling and is made for headbanging. Another all-time smasher comes from the legendary Zed Yago debut and it’s ‘Rebel Ladies’ that fits excellently into the context of this longplayer. In general, Gabriel sticks close to the original by also adding an own twist to the songs. She finds the sweet spot, which makes each of these eleven songs to a great listening experience.

The choice of songs is also done in a good fashion, containing ‘Goin’ Wild’ from the iconic Wendy O’Williams as well as ‘Light in the Dark’, a song resulting from the Leather Leone / David T. Chastain collaboration. Thinking about Germany means thinking about another metal queen – Doro Pesch. ‘Mr. Gold’ is the closing track on this album and going for a Warlock song instead of a Doro anthems shows that this longplayer has its roots in the eighties.

‘Metal Queens’ is a great album. Cover albums certainly include the risk of being looked at as an uninspired bridge to e new album with own songs. Not in this case. Marta Gabriel’s ‘Metal Queens’ is a matter of heart, an album she wanted to do and did. Don’t miss this it.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Max Overload (ACID)
  2. Metal Queen (LEE AARON)
  3. Call Of The Wild (BLACKLACE)
  4. Light In The Dark (CHASTAIN)
  5. Rebel Ladies (ZED YAGO)
  6. My Angel (ROCK GODDESS)
  7. Count Your Blessings (MALTEZE)
  8. Goin’ Wild (WENDY O’ WILLIAMS)
  9. Bad Attitude (HELLION)
  10. Reencarnacion (SANTA)
  11. Mr Gold (WARLOCK)..

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: July 16th, 2021



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