Review DARKTHRONE ‘Eternal Hails’

In a time when the only certainty is uncertainty you’re looking for consistency and Darkthrone provides it with their new album ‘Eternal Hails’. The sound of Darkthrone. It allows the duo to release longplayers with a unique sound that is puristic, anarchic and pure doom.

‘Eternal Hails’ is the title of the new longplayer that builds for a next time on the basics of Darkthrone’s trademarks. Capturing five songs and with a running time of 45 minutes, the newest addition to the rich musical history of the band reflects all the sound elements the duo is known for. Darkthrone is not in a hurry on ‘Eternal Hails’. The amount of songs and running time indicate some longer and epic black metal songs. None of these blackened hymns remains under seven minutes, showing the fascination of the duo for an extended doom and darkness.

It all starts with ‘The Masters Voice’, a gloomy and mighty masterpiece with the primal force of the maelstrom. Tempo-breaks amplify the intensity of this song that is as massive as the Norwegian mountains. With ‘Hate Cloak’, it is a Sabbath-ish riff that kicks-off the song, a nine minutes slo-mo riff assault that fascinates. With an almost hypnotic repetition, the songs attacks the eardrums and it feels great. Fenriz raspy vocals add a lot to the devilish atmosphere the song spreads from start to finish.

You can basically drop the needle at any place on this longplayer and what you get in return will not disappoint. There is for example the raw and wistful ‘Yoyage to a Northpole Adrift’, another dark epos that jumps between snail-paced doom parts and anarchic uptempo sections. It’s the mix that does the trick here. Listening to this album is like tuning in on channel 666, broadcasting right from the underworld.

Darkthrone managed to establish their own sound and they stick to it. Everything else would almost be a blasphemic approach. Still the band evolves and moves within the self-given framing. A new Darkthrone album means that one can expect the same as usual and still it sounds fascinating and new. These songs transport a vibe, a spirit and an identity, all together differentiating Darkthrone from many other bands in this genre.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. His Master`s Voice
  2. Hate Cloak
  3. Wake of the Awakened
  4. Voyage to a North Pole Adrift
  5. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra

Label: Peaceville

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: June 25th, 2021


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