CROBOT’s new EP ‘Rat Child’ out now

Crobot new EP ‘Rat Child’ hit the shelves today. The thundering rock album features four songs and three guest appearances. The start into this EP is called ‘Mountain’, a song that features Anthrax bassist Frank Bello. The tune is a rock, hard but also organic and warm. ‘Mountain’ is a great start before things get heavier with might pounding ‘Kiss It Goodbye’. Howard Jones supports Crobot which gives the track a mighty ambience.

A totally different vibe is what ‘Everyone Dies’ brings to the plate. Steel Panther’s Stix Zadina has co-written and co-produced the song that can be located somewhere between Queen and Guns’n’Roses’. However, ‘Everyone Dies’ paints a totally different picture of Crobot and it’s great to see that the band doesn’t shy away from experiments.

Time flies and with ‘Rat Child’ it’s up to the title track to finish things off. The grooving rocker is a well-chosen closer that start in a humble fashion before exploding along the way. ‘Rat Child’ is an energetic blast, a triple musical espresso.


  1. Mountain (feat Frank Bello)
  2. Kiss It Goodbye (feat. Howard Jones)
  3. Everyone Dies (feat Stix Zadina)
  4. Rat Child

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