Review FEAR FACTORY ‘Aggression Continuum’

Fear Factory is a band that has great albums being part of their discography. Album like the legendary ‘Soul of a New Machine’ and ‘Demanufacture’ are classics, featuring music that perfectly fuses the power of metal with the cold chill of industrial sounds. Also part of Fear Factories story are quite some changes in the line-up and other issues that added some water to the wine. Those issues weren’t connected to music but more to the things around the band and impacted the music over time.

Beside all these challenges and struggles, Fear Factory managed to release longplayers on a consistent base, with ‘Genexus’ being the latest one to date. The record with unleashed in 2015 and six years later a next Fear Factory record is on its way to the record stores.

‘Aggression Continuum’ is the title of the tenth studio album and features ten new songs. The longplayer features Dino Cazares, Mike Heller and Burton C. Bell, the latter having left the band in the meantime. Since the vocals have been recorded before Bell parted ways with the band, his voice is present on the album and fits, as known, in a great fashion to the sound of Fear Factory.

The sound of ‘Aggression Continuum’ reflects the Fear Factory trademarks. A massive groove, staccato riffs and vocals that jump between raw shouts and clean melody lines is, what makes this longplayer to a well-executed Fear Factory record. Songs like ‘Collapse’ are massive, equipped with thundering riffs and the cold breeze of industrial dystopia.

Damien Rainauld gave the album the powerful expression as well as a cold sonority that allows Fear Factory to set their trademarks into scene very well, manifested in songs like the aggressive opener ‘Recode’. Also to mention is the title track with its cinematic beginning before morphing into a stunning metal strike, that reflects Fear Factory in 2021 very well.

‘Aggression Continuum’ is a massive new album, delivered by the pioneers of industrial (thrash) metal. The glorious early days of the band stay untouched and at the same time, the album isn’t a swansong either. It’s an album that reflects the here and now of a band, that has co-defined a genre in the nineties, in full strength.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Recode
  2. Disruptor
  3. Aggression Continuum
  4. Purity
  5. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
  6. Collapse
  7. Manufactured Hope
  8. Cognitive Dissonance
  9. Monolith
  10. End Of Line

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Industrial Metal

Release Date EU: June 18th, 2021



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