Review CROSS VAULT ‘As Strangers We Depart’

Cross Vault started their metallic undertaking in 2013 and came up with a full-length debut rather quickly. ‘Spectres of Revocable Loss’ was published in 2014, followed by a next strike called ‘The All Consuming’. With having convinced fans of doom metal about their music, the band needed a bit of extra time to work on the third album. The wait came to an end on May 28th, the day when ‘As Strangers We Depart’ hit the shelves.

Cross Vault’s third album carries real heavyweight. Seven doom metal songs wrap the human soul into a grey musical blanket that doesn’t allow sunrays to break the dark. Slow riffing and well executed vocals create an atmosphere that touches regardless of if you like the sound of the band or not.

The band from Detmold, Germany generally sticks to their trademarks when it comes to the new longplayer, although songs evolved compared with the first two longplayer. Still there is enough for fans of the first two records to explore on the new record, an album that delivers a darkened pleasure.

Already with the opener ‘Golden Mending’ the direction of this release becomes apparent. Cross Vault unleash for a third time skillfully forged doom metal tracks that also don’t shy away from acoustic parts, like in the middle section of the opener. Also acoustic is the interlude ‘Ravines’, which helps to get some thrill and variation into an album that furthermore delights with melancholy. ‘Other Rivers’ is an example that confirms the later, a song that shouldn’t be missed by fans of very well-crafted doom metal.

To sum up: ‘As Strangers We Depart’ is an excellent doom metal album, crafted by a rather young band. This longplayer shows a lot of skills and predicting a successful future is more realistic than a glimpse into a crystal ball. This album strengthens the band’s standing in doom metal.


Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Golden Mending
  2. The Unknown Rewinds
  3. Gods Left Unsung
  4. Other Rivers
  5. Raviness
  6. As Strangers We Depart
  7. Silent Wastes Untrod

Label: Iron Bonehead

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: May 28th, 2021



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