Review KING BUFFALO ‘The Burden of Relentlessness’

US rockers King Buffalo decided to go for a quite ambitious undertaking in 2021. The plan is to release three longplayers in one year and the fact that we are already in May makes it necessary to welcome the first out of three. ‘The Burden of Relentlessness’ is the start to this three-leg journey and features seven songs. With 40 minutes running time, the album also comes with a solid length so that we can conclude that the framework is intact.

Influences from bands like Pink Floyd via Black Sabbath and Radiohead, to Rage Against The Machine, is what impacted the longplayer. ‘The Burden of Relentlessness’ is an album that covers an interesting own blend that has its foundation in heavy psych- and stoner rock, the latter being very present by a booming bass and a slow-pace riffing. Listening to the bassline of each of the songs reminds of a purring cat and has the effect of calming things down.

In addition, we almost endless repetitions of the central motif, amplifying by its hypnotic effect the psychedelic effect each of the seven songs has on the listener. Songs like ‘The Knocks’ represent this very well and shows all aspects of King Buffalo. With using these tools, the trio creates soundscapes that are dense as well as the band string together a world of sound that is exciting and musically intoxicating.

‘The Burden of Relentlessness’ is an interesting album. King Buffalo found their own sound and identity in the context of bands, aiming for the same target group. I can’t say that the new album of the trio is the most innovative one, but the way the guys merge musical style elements is worth a listen.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Burning
  2. Hebetation
  3. Locusts
  4. Silverfish
  5. Grifter
  6. The Knocks
  7. Loam

Label: Stickman Records

Genre: Heavy Psych Rock

Release Date EU: June 4th, 2021



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