Review CROSS VAULT ‘As Strangers We Depart’

Cross Vault started their metallic undertaking in 2013 and came up with a full-length debut rather quickly. ‘Spectres of Revocable Loss’ was published in 2014, followed by a next strike called ‘The All Consuming’. With having convinced fans of doom metal about their music, the band needed a bit of extra time to work on... Continue Reading →

CD review MATTERHORN ‘Crass Cleansing’

(8/10) It feels like a trend that Swiss rock and metal outfit name themselves for mountains. Gotthard was the first group that appeared on the scene and now we get Matterhorn. You can already start to wonder whi‘s next. Piz Buin or Eiger? While eleborating about this fundamental question in life it‘s maybe a good... Continue Reading →

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