CD review MATTERHORN ‘Crass Cleansing’

(8/10) It feels like a trend that Swiss rock and metal outfit name themselves for mountains. Gotthard was the first group that appeared on the scene and now we get Matterhorn. You can already start to wonder whi‘s next. Piz Buin or Eiger?

While eleborating about this fundamental question in life it‘s maybe a good thing to check out what Matterhorn has in the offer.

„Crass Cleansing“ is a choice for noise. In tradition of band like Celtic Frost and Bölzer it‘s Matterhorn releasing a brutal metal assault that takes metal to its extreme. „Crass Cleansing“ comes with an archaic simplicity. Heavily down-tuned guitars dominate the fury that comes with this album. Songs like „Teenage Emperors“ and the merciless „The Hornless“ might not be milestones in filigree, but they belong to ruthless metal in perfection.

Matterhorn surprised me in a very positive way. Outside of any commercial interest these guys do their thing. Sonic chaos can‘t be done more structured than what you get with „Crass Cleansing“. This album definitaly has a wow factor.



01. Diptyque

02. Violent Success

03. Noch Nicht Nichts

04. Teenage Emperors

05. Parabol Dreams

06. The Hornhead

07. Tongues of Babel

08. Of All I Was


Label: Iron Bonehead

Genre: Extreme Metal

Release Date EU: June 15th, 2018

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