Review BALA ‘Maleza’

Bala, hailing from Galicia, is a duo that has already added two longplayers to the books. The debut ‘Human Flesh’ was unleashed in 2015, followed by the second delivery called ‘Lume, two years later. The longplayers brought Bala to the attention of Century Media, who inked a deal with the duo. ‘Maleza’ is the first longplayer, resulting from this cooperation. ‘Longplayer’ is a big term for an album with less than 30 minutes running time, but it might be the quality that outscores the quantity.

In total nine songs are what ‘Maleza’ brings to the plate. Stoner, punk, and some grunge elements, these are the styles that are stringed together, being an explosive mix. Bala doesn’t give a moment to get into the album since the opener ‘Agitar’ is a first sonic punch right away. It’s a furious and energetic start into the album. The Spanish lyrics add a bit of an unusual spice to the mix which works quite well.

With ‘Hoy No’ the anarchic punk spirit breaks through while songs like ‘Mi Orden’ is with a bit more than three minutes a little epos. The approach doesn’t change, and it’s not layered songs structures that take over. Instead, the song has a wild horse expression too, as all the others tracks on ‘Maleza’. It’s more the moderate pace and the dominant stoner elements that makes the song clock in at nearly 4 minutes.

‘Maleza’, that like the musical equivalent to an Atlantic storm that hits the Galician coastline. And as with a real storm, sometimes it is exciting, but you might not want to have all the time. The energy, that is captured on this record, expresses. And in a way, Bala is party ahead of themselves and impressed by their own musical velocity.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Agitar
  2. Hoy No
  3. X
  4. Mi Orden
  5. Cien Obstáculos
  6. Quieres Entrar
  7. Rituais
  8. Bessie
  9. Una Selva

Label: Century Media

Genre: Stoner Roc / Punk

Release Date EU: May 14th, 2021



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