Review SUNBOMB ‘Evil and Divine’

It’s not the first time that Frontiers Music initiates the collaboration of well-known musicians, mainly singer and guitarist. Sunbomb is the moniker of such an alliance, a project with L.A. Guns mainman Tracii Guns and Stryper’s Michael Sweet.

The title of the first longplayer, being an outcome of this collaboration, is ‘Evil and Divine’. In total eleven songs reflect the influences of both driving forces very well. Rock and metal are the framing for the tunes on this longplayer. It’s not that ‘Evil and Divine’ brings a lot of new to the table. It is more the impression of two guys having been at work, following their heart outside the frames of the respective ‘mothership’. Sometimes, these kinds of records give an impression of a ‘must’ more than a ‘want to’. When it comes to Sunbomb, the conclusion is, that the latter has been the base for this entertaining longplayer. Nothing feels forced. Instead, it is a playful ease that accompanies each of the songs on the longplayer

The trip through these eleven tunes starts with the metallic ‘Life’, a vivid and dynamic opener, being an appetizer for more. A bit reminding of the Dio-days, the song gets out of the box very well and the same goes for the Sabbath-is ‘Take Me Away’. Slow and dark, that’s how the tune expresses its intensity.

The spirit of rock’n’roll is added to the tracklist in the most soulful way, with a ballad. ‘Been Said and Done’ starts the second half of the tracklist in a calm way, followed by ‘Stronger Than Before’, which is not the best track on the album. The track is not a real downer, but the ‘Story of the Blind’ is certainly a better track to listen to.

As mentioned earlier, albums like ‘Evil and Divine’ entail the risk of becoming a sketchbook project that doesn’t speak to the heart. In this case though, I can conclude, that two musicians, that share a similar musical philosophy, started a collaboration that delivers songs, I haven’t expected to be that vital and powerful. Sunbomb and ‘Evil and Divine’ is a positive surprise in 2021.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Life
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Better End
  4. No Tomorrows
  5. Born To Win
  6. Evil And Divine
  7. Been Said And Done
  8. Stronger Than Before
  9. Story Of The Blind
  10. World Gone Wrong
  11. They Fought

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 14th, 2021


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