Review KAYAK ‘Out of This World’

Progressive rock and metal have a strong fanbase in The Netherlands and one of the cornerstone-bands hailing from there is Kayak. The veterans from Hilversum started back in 1972 and can already look back on nearly five decades, split into two eras.

After having parted ways in the early eighties, Kayak returned in the early 2000th with ‘Close to the Fire’. Now it is ‘Out of This World’ that represents album number eighteen, a fifteen songs featuring longplayer with finest progressive rock. Kayak could put a focus on activies around the new longplayer since touring activities had to be put on ice due to the pandemic, but also the heart attack Ton Scherpenzeel.

‘Out of This World’ became a filigree piece of work, crafted with passion and a musical vision to make dreams become real. A symphonic aspect helps to create bigger soundscapes that interact with touching solo parts, like in ‘Under a Scar’.  Kayak’s music is built on a rich musical toolkit the band can use, allowing the guys to create layers and twists. The strings that keep all together are the melodies and hook lines that makes it easy for listener to find a way into the album. Kayak, that is about the collective and not the individual. It’s about talents that, combined as a team, tie their strengths together.

‘Out of This World’ isn’t built on heavy riffs and a denim & leather mindset. It is more the soulful aspect of music that finds a home on this longplayer, an album that is made for a Sunday on the couch with headphones on. It’s music that allows you to close your eyes and create your own little mind-movie with ‘Out of This World’ being the soundtrack to it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Out Of This World
  2. Waiting
  3. Under A Scar
  4. Kaja
  5. Mystery
  6. Critical Mass
  7. As The Crow Flies
  8. The Way She Said Goodbye
  9. Traitor’s Gate
  10. Distance To Your Heart
  11. Red Rag To A Bull
  12. One By One
  13. A Writer’s Tale
  14. Cary
  15. Ship Of The Theseus

Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Progressive Rock

Release Date EU: May 7th, 2021



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