Review LUNA’S CALL ‘Void’

Luna’s Call offer with their new work ‘Void’ a perfect basis for analysts and friends of the sophisticated detail. What the guys from Lincoln, UK deliver is music, that is made of beautiful acoustic melodic arcs, which lead to extreme death metal excesses. The whole music is embedded in multilayered and complex song structures that demand a lot from the audience.

Luna’s Call delivered their debut album in 2016 and now the successor is on the shelves. ‘Void’ contains eight tracks that neither chum up with trends nor appeal to the masses. The only thing that sticks with the first listen is the fact that you will certainly have to revisit ‘Void’ a few more times. There is simply too much to discover and listen to. Categorizing is difficult anyway. Most likely I would compare Luna’s Call with the earlier Opeth, but this is only a very rough indication.

With a playing time of 13 minutes ‘Solar Immolation’ needs to be highlighted. One can say here with full confidence that it is a little epic, which has not only to do with the playing time. ‘Solar Immolation’ is a complex and intricate masterpiece, a curveball that you have to know how to handle in the first place to not risk a swing and a miss. Despite the length of the track, the tune is not boring at any time, alternating guttural growls with filigree guitar solos, only to return to the frantic death metal structures.

‘Void’ is powerful and certainly not made for John Doe. However, if you make the effort to give the eight tracks the required attention, you will be rewarded with music that is neither ordinary nor commercial. The latter was certainly the reason that ‘Void’ was first released independently before it is now brought to a wider fanbase via Listenable Records.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Merced’s Footsteps
  2. Signs
  3. Solar Immolation
  4. Enceladus & the Life Inside
  5. Locus
  6. In Bile The y Bathe
  7. Silverfish
  8. Fly Further Cosmonaut

Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Release Date EU: April 30th, 2021



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