Review SETH ‘La Morsure du Christ’

Now, my French isn’t the very best I have to admit and even with this little limitation, the new album from French black metal veterans Seth knows how to shine in darkness.

Seth started at a time when black metal had a growing momentum. It was in 1996 when a demo called ‘Apocalyptic Desires’ has been released and it was the full-length premier that came two years later. Three additional records followed the debut of which ‘Era-Decay’ was the last one before Seth went into a long hiatus.

An exclusive show with German Bethlehem in 2011 marked the moment of return of Seth. A deal with Season Of Mist haas been inked and work on a new longplayer started, an effort that manifested itself with the 2013 release ‘The Howling Spirit’. After the spark ignited the hellish fire again, tours and festival appearances came on the agenda but it took a while before a next record from the French pioneers can be welcomed in the dark circle of black metal.

‘La Morsure du Christ’ is the awaited new longplayer, the first studio album by Seth in eight years. With an adjusted line-up, driven by the Alsvid and Helmoth, Seth unveil an album that shows why the wait was worth the effort. Songs like the bombastic ‘Les Océans du Vide’ and the partly moderate paced ‘Métal Noir’ are diabolic representatives from a band that knows how to use the musical toolkit of black metal. The latter is a great example for combining furious extreme metal with sections that are in midtempo, bounded together by devilish vocals and by not being shy of a good melody.

The starting point though is wild ride into the abyss. Seth doesn’t allow the listener time to get into the album. It’s a full speed blast that leads things off, creating the right frames for a pretty well-done record. Although often being equipped with a fast beat, the songs of ‘La Morsure du Christ’ aren’t short and basic. The mentioned ‘Les Océans du Vide’, and also the raging ‘Hymne au Vampire (Acte III)’ are dense black metal anthems, rolled out over more than seven minutes each.

Seth’s new longplayer isn’t a rush job. The band took time to work on songs and the result shows that it was the right decision. Although the waiting time has been long, fans of well-crafted black metal get an excellent album in return, done by a band that shifted back to the original sound.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. La Morsure du Christ
  2. Métal Noir
  3. Sacrifice de Sang
  4. Ex-Cathédrale
  5. Hymne au Vampire (Acte III)
  6. Les Océans du Vide
  7. Le Triomphe de Lucifer

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: May 7th, 2021



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