Review ENTHEOS ‘Time Will Take Us All’

Entheos started in 2015 and embarked on an adventurous journey through the world of extreme metal. The band delivered their debut album 'The Infinite Nothing' in 2016 before following it up with 'Dark Future'. After that it became more quiet about the band and when bassist Evan Brewer left the outfit in 2019 a regrouping... Continue Reading →

Review ALLEGAEON ‘Damnum’

‘Damnum’ is the sixth album of Denver, Colorado based tech death metal outfit Allegaeon. The band, founded in 2008, delivers a musical curveball, combining the relentless heaviness of death metal with layers, known from prog metal bands. A song that shows all aspects of Allegaeon’s sound is ‘Into Ember’. Deep Florida-laden growls, excellent clean vocals... Continue Reading →

Review MASS WORSHIP ‘Portal Tombs’

Portal Tombs' is the second album of the four Scandinavians who have come together under the moniker Mass Worship. After having brought their debut album to the people in 2019, nine new songs are following these days. If you listen to the new tracks, you get the bundled energy of a musical bulldozer slammed into... Continue Reading →

Review WILDERUN ‘Epigone’

Boston, Massachusetts, that is the home of Wilderun. Wilderun is an ambitious band, which is active since 2008. The first two albums were well received. Both albums were also the springboard for the band to close a record deal with Century Media, which gave the band another push. With 'Veil of Imagination', the band released... Continue Reading →

Review RIVERS OF NIHIL ‘The Work’

Rivers Of Nihil, hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania, unleashed their first EP 11 years ago and premiered with ‘The Conscious Seed of Light’ in 2013. Having found a home at Metal Blade Records, the band released two next longplayers with ‘The Work’ being the next addition to the family. ‘The Work’ might be a bit of... Continue Reading →

Review WHITE STONES ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’

As you know, White Stones is the band of Opeth bassist Martín Mendez. Right in the beginning of the rising pandemic, in March last year, White Stones launched the debut album ‘Kuarahy’ and since COVID cleaned everyone’s agenda, work on the sophomore album could start rather quickly. ‘Dancing Into Oblivion’ is the title of White... Continue Reading →

Review LUNA’S CALL ‘Void’

Luna's Call offer with their new work 'Void' a perfect basis for analysts and friends of the sophisticated detail. What the guys from Lincoln, UK deliver is music, that is made of beautiful acoustic melodic arcs, which lead to extreme death metal excesses. The whole music is embedded in multilayered and complex song structures that... Continue Reading →

CD review CRYTOSIS ‘Bionic Swarm’

Raider became Twix and now it’s Dutch thrash metal trio Distillator that undergoes such a change too and become Cryptosis. After two longplayer, an EP and a split release with Space Chaser, Distillator called it an end while the guys moved on a created with Cryptosis a new power outlet for their electrifying thrash metal.... Continue Reading →

CD review CULT OF LILITH ‘Mara’

Cult Of Lilith is a band, hailing from Island and being anchored in Death Metal. The smaller island in the North delivers a relatively big number of excellent bands and the quintet is a rather new Death Metal volcano. Having had a starting point in 2015, a first EP called 'Arkanum' unfold as a self-release... Continue Reading →

CD review WILDERUN ‘Veil of Imagination’

If you don't have 'Veil of Imagination' on your prog metal radar yet, you should see a bright shining new dot on your radar display by now. What these five guys from Boston deliver is definitely impressive. Bombastic Pogg Metal with high density, varied and excitingly performed, that is what makes this album stand out. For sure a highlight 2020 and certainly interesting for fans of bands like Opeth and Devon Townsend.

CULT OF LILITH and the upcoming album ‘Mara’

On September 4th, Iceland's Cult Of Lilith will release their debut full-length, Mara, via Metal Blade Records. A frantic collision of death metal, prog, complex classical structures and more, Mara is a restless, constantly shifting collection that is as imaginative as it is compulsive. Founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2015 by guitarist Daniel Þór Hannesson... Continue Reading →

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