CD review FEANOR ‘Power of the Chosen One’

Their are quite interesting news that reach us from Argentinian power metal unit Feanor. The South American sword and steel warriors started in 1996 and premiered in 2005 with ‘Invencible’. In a five years rhythm, two additional longplayers have been unleashed before an interesting turn started to happen.

Sticking to the five years rhythm, the band come up with new longplayer called ‘Power of the Chosen One’. I guess that this album will have the potential to reach a wider fanbase than their previous longplayers, mainly based on two facts. ‘Power of the Chosen One’ is the first longplayer that comes via Massacre Records and more importantly features former Manowar axeman David Shankle.

With a guitarist like Shankle, who was an important factor when it comes to Manowar’s ‘The Triumph of Steel’ album, a solid level of attention is secured. It’s up to the music though to prove, that there is more substance than solely name-dropping. To answer it right away, there is enough substance.

Photo: Sebastian Japas

In a way, ‘Power of the Chosen One’ comprises of songs that can be seen as a sequel to ‘Triumph of Steel’. What gets out of the speakers is powerful heavy metal. Hard as steel and without frills, Feanor’s new album covers a wider range of genre typical sounds. There is the fast ‘This You Can Trust’ which is an uncompromising headbanger, musically located somewhere between Manowar and Helloween. Also the moderate paced and heavy pounding songs like ‘Metal Land’ and ‘Bringer of Pain’ are present of ‘Power of the Chosen One’ are in place on the album, the latter being a dark metal hymn.

The closing chapters of this album start with ‘Lost in Battle’ and ‘Fighting for Our Dream’, both relatively long tunes. The songs entail a lot of Manowar-ish pathos and are preparing the stage for ‘The Return of the Metal King’ which is 19 minutes epos that summarizes the musical width of album and band pretty well.

To sum up: Due to Shankle being part of the band there is no way of not mentioning Manowar. However, ‘Power of the Chosen One’ is an album forged by Feanor with extra inspiration coming from the guitar wizard. Feanor’s forth longplayer is a powerful strike that in the end has a much better punch than everything that we have heard from the band that became their one legend. Or in other word: while other bands talk about metal, Feanor play metal.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rise Of The Dragon
  2. Power Of The Chosen One
  3. This You Can Trust
  4. Metal Land
  5. Hell Is Waiting
  6. Together Forever
  7. Bringer Of Pain
  8. Lost In Battle
  9. Fighting For A Dream
  10. The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts)

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 23rd, 2021



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