CD review DEVILZ BY DEFINITION ‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’

Not only because of, but also due to Alice Cooper’s latest album ‘Detroit Stories’, the city in the North West of the US got into focus again. Not far away from Detroit and just divided by the Detroit River is Windsor, Ontario. Windsor is a Canadian city and is the homebase of Devilz By Definition.

The band started in 2010 and has one full-length album and two EPs as parts of their offer so far. After a five years waiting time, it will be in April this year that the quintet returns with ‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’. The self-released EP contains three songs, all basically rooted in grooving thrash metal. If you like the sound of bands such as Pantera, Lamb Of God and August Burns Red, than you might want to check out Devilz By Definition too.

There is for example the raging opener ‘Time is Near’, a grooving thrash metal song that addresses the urgency on the aspect of the timeline of life. Spiced up with a metalcore-ish aggressiveness, the song is a good start into this EP. ‘Peace by Piece’ and the ‘The Bitter Remains’ follow a similar musical pattern with being repetitive.

I guess that not that many people in Europe do have Devilz By Definition on the radar. However, it’s worth to check out ‘The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption’. Groove meets riffs meets heaviness, that’s the world of Devilz By Definition .

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Time is Near
  2. Peace by Piece
  3. The Bitter Remains

Label: Self-released

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date: April 20th, 2021



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