CD review BUTTERFLY ‘Doorways of Time’

The sticker on the album promises “Traditional Heavy Metal displaying twin guitar and vocal harmonies, huge power chords and a pounding rhythm section!” and I can’t disagree. If you have a look at the artwork first, the sound of the band could go two directions. Either we are facing a band that appreciates epic metal a la Cirith Ungol or it’s a warm sound that directs towards the early ’80s when bands like Magnum and Nazareth brought mystic knights, dragons and more to the front-page. The link to the latter isn’t too surprising knowing, that Rodney Matthews created the artwork of ‘Doorway of Time’.

Now, Butterfly doesn’t explore the landscapes of epic metal. The band from Melbourne, Australia is inspired by rock music from the ’70s and early ’80s. Listening to ‘Doorways of Time’ is like a journey back in time when heavy riffing met excellently crafted melodies and a psychedelic vibe (‘Nobody’). The quartet starts off the album with ‘Desert Chase’, a song that’s build on a grooving bassline and well done guitar lines that bring back the earlier Judas Priest in a way while the repetitive persistence reminds of Black Sabbath. What sounds like a good start is a good start.

What’s next is ‘Climbing a Mountain’, a song that shows some Kiss influences. Mentioning all these bands doesn’t mean that Butterfly copies any of them. It’s more that it should give you an idea where things are going. With all these influences, Butterfly created their own blend of ’70s/’80s based hard rock. ‘The Sin’ is, with its funky vibe, certainly no swing and a miss either before the band takes you on the ‘Heavy Metal Highway’. It’s again the roaring NWoBHM icons (Saxon and Judas Priest) that delivered a blueprint and what adds an extra thrill are the raspy vocals. After this refreshing ride on the highway of heavy metal it is ‘Crawling’ that starts with an impressive guitar line. The song is kept at a slower pace and is with nearly seven minutes the longest one on ‘Doorways of Time’. Classic rock fans should certainly give this song a listen.

Butterfly, that’s a band with veterans from bands like Hobb’s Angel of Death and Bestial Warlust. The guys, united by their passion for hard played rock music, deliver an album that refers to the earlier days of hard rock, fueled by a good sense for melodies, riff power and well-forged soundscapes. Or as stated on the album cover sticker:”Traditional Heavy Metal displaying twin guitar and vocal harmonies, huge power chords and a pounding rhythm section!”. Nothing more to add.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Desert Chase
  2. Climbing a Mountain
  3. Doorways of Time
  4. The Night is on its Way
  5. No Body
  6. The Sin
  7. Heavy Metal Highway
  8. Crawling
  9. The Scorpion

Label: Petrichor Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 5th, 2021



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