CD review HELSTAR ‘Clad in Black’

Dracula and vampires are bloodsuckers and one could think that this release is not aiming for the red elixir of life but at the wallets of fans. This thought is wrong.

If you look at ‘Clad in Black’ soberly, you get one song that was already released as a single, two new songs and three cover versions, plus the ‘Vampiro’ album from 2016. Some fans might have ‘Vampiro’ already sitting in their record collection and the question comes up, why didn’t the band just release an EP? The answer is simple. The longplayer was released in the US onyl and with some delay it is now also available in Europe.

Looking at ‘Clad in Black’ from a musical point of view, the new songs can certainly please. The anthemic ‘Black Wings of Solitude’ is already known and follows the metal crushing ‘ Dark Incarnation (Mother of the Delight)’. The latter song proves that Helstar can still write great songs which is also underlined by ‘Across the Raging Seas’. It goes without saying that the ‘Vampiro’ record also features excellently crafted powerful metal, driven by Rivera’s guitar.

With cover versions it is as always, known songs that one likes to hear, but also has heard many times. Helstar stick pretty much to the original versions, not more but also not less. ‘Clad in Black’ is a release fans of solid power metal appreciate a lot and the fact that ‘Vampiro’ is now available as a solid European version too is an extra plus.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


CD 1: Clad In Black

  1. Dark Incarnation (Mother Of The Night)
  2. Black Wings Of Solitude
  3. Across The Raging Seas
  4. Restless And Wild
  5. After All (The Dead)
  6. Sinner

CD 2: Vampiro

  1. Awaken Unto Darkness
  2. Blood Lust
  3. To Dust You Will Become
  4. Off With His Head
  5. From The Pulpit To The Pit
  6. To Their Death Beds They Fall
  7. Malediction
  8. Repent In Fire
  9. Abolish The Sun
  10. Black Cathedral
  11. Dreamless Sleep

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2021



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