CD review ENFORCED ‘Kill Grid’

Just when you think that Iotunn have with ‘Access All Worlds’ delivered a strong candidate for the newcomer album of the year, the next candidate is already lurking around the corner – Enforced. The are guys from Richmond, Virginia and what they deliver with their first longplayer is a blast.

The five musicians are not yet so well established in the music business. Founded in 2017, the quintet released with ‘At the Wall’ a first EP under their own control, which certainly is not known by many metalheads in Europe. But this EP is definitely worth listening to and was also a springboard for Enforced to sign a record deal with Century Media.

‘Kill Grid’, the debut album, is soon arriving at the record stores and what can we expect? A first class riff massacre. Enforced really kick ass and don’t give a damn about trends. At the same time they sound anything but old-fashioned.

In the broadest sense, the guys have dedicated themselves to thrash metal. But in order not to follow only one style, Enforced have also added a fair amount of punk, hardcore and death metal to the mix, which makes ‘Kill Grid’ a musical wrecking ball. Empowered by several live shows, the quintet gets off to a good start with ‘The Doctrine’. Roaring riffs and a brutal groove are trademarks of the band and find enough room in the opener as well as on the entire longplayer.

‘Kill Grid’ knows no resting moments. The guys go full steam ahead as if there was no tomorrow. There is for example the thrashing ‘Malignance’, followed by the seven-minute title track. The latter impresses with variety and shows that the guys can not only make a lot of noise but also have solid songwriting talent. ‘Kill Grid’ is never boring and it’s songs like the intense ‘Hemorrhage’, which make the record claim a permanent spot on the record player. The galloping ‘Blood Ribbon’ is in no way less impressive than the other songs on the album, before the pounding ‘Trespasser’ signals the end of the record.

Enforced has accomplished with their debut a very strong record that will resonate in your ears for a long time. What impresses is the elemental force these songs carry. ‘Kill Grid’ is more than just a perfect start and one can already look forward to the moment when these guys will hit the European stages. In the meantime, listen to ‘Kill Grid’ and train your neck-muscles.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. The Doctrine
  2. UXO
  3. Beneath Me
  4. Malignance
  5. Kill Grid
  6. Curtain Fire
  7. Hemorrhage
  8. Blood Ribbon
  9. Trespasser

Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 12th, 2021



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