CD review LOVE AND DEATH ‘Perfectly Preserved’

Brian “Head” Welsh is certainly no stranger to modern metal, having been and still being with his lead guitar an integral part of Korn.

During his absence from Korn, Welsh began working on several solo projects, including Love And Death. The guitarist launched the band in 2012 and released a debut album, ‘Between Here & Lost’, in 2013. Eight years later, Love And Death returns with a next album.

‘Perfectly Preserved’ is the title of the ten songs longplayer. Also on board is Jasen Rauch, known from Breaking Benjamin, who already worked with Head on his solo album and also produced the Love And Death debut. The duo forms the core of Love And Death, whereby Rauch has a not insignificant role in the heavier passages.

Love And Death does not consider themselves as a side-project for the various motherships. The band offers more of a platform for the musicians involved to experiment with sounds that don’t fit exactly with Korn and Co. Although Head’s guitar produces powerful riffs, ‘Perfectly Preserved’ also has a fair amount of melody. However, with a good balance between heaviness and melody, both Korn fans and friends of the more melodic modern rock sounds will find themselves on this album. Love And Death manages the balancing act of staging both facets well, which gives songs like ‘Let Me Love You’ a serious chart entry potential. Supported by Lacey Sturm, the tune comes with a charm almost reminiscent of pop/rock that is hard to resist. ‘Death of Us’ is a harder and darker number that contrasts well with the previous song. In addition, there are tracks like ‘Tragedy’ that really rock and if you want to find a fly in the ointment, you could say that all ten tracks are well done, but in a way follow a similar musical approach.

‘Perfectly Preserved’ is a good album which should appeal to nu-metal fans as well as to friends of modern rock. Well intended, well executed and entertaining from beginning to finish, that’s ‘Perfectly Preserved’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Infamy
  2. Tragedy
  3. Down
  4. Let Me Love You (feat. Lacey Sturm)
  5. Death of Us
  6. Slow Fire
  7. The Hunter (feat. Keith Wallen)
  8. Lo Lamento
  9. Affliction
  10. White Flag (feat. Ryan Hayes)

Label: Earache Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: February 12th, 2021



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