Review DISTURBED ‘Divisive’

Disturbed began in 1994 as Brawl, at that time without frontman David Draiman. When the singer joined the group in 1996 and the band changed its name to Disturbed, an impressive success wave began, which continues to grow in popularity to this day. These days fans of the band eagerly await the new album of... Continue Reading →

Review SLIPKNOT ‘The End, So Far’

Iowa's most famous mask men, Slipknot, are back with a new album. After the band has already unveiled a first new song with 'The Chapeltown Rag' last fall, the entire album now follows. It is called 'The End, So Far' and it features twelve new songs. Slipknot was on tour through Europe this summer and... Continue Reading →

CD review KORN ‘The Nothing’

(9/10) Korn, pioneers of Modern Metal, are one of the most influential bands in this specific genre. While other band came and left the stage, it's the Metal veterans from Bakersfield being still in business. Having gone through many ups and some intense downs, Korn grew as a band with a surprisingly stable line-up. The... Continue Reading →

CD review SLIPKNOT ‘We Are Not Your Kind’

(9/10) When Iowa-based Metal icons Slipknot unveiled with ‚Unsainted‘ their first new song, taken from the new album ‚We are Not  Your Kind‘, curiosity was rising even more. The song, being the perfect opener of the band’s sixth record units the unleashed energy of the eight-piece band as well as it comprises of melodic moments... Continue Reading →

CD review NEW YEARS DAY ‘Unbreakable’

(7/10) New Years Day, that is Ash Costello, Nikki Misery, Frankie Sil and Austin Ingerman, all four releasing with 'Unbreakable' their fourth album. New Years Day is focussing on Modern-/Alternative Metal, which is mainly built on heavy riffs and Costello's energetic voice. Reminding partly of Gwen Stefani, vocals are certainly a centrepiece of this album.... Continue Reading →

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