MEMORIAM unveil a new trailer for ‘To The End’

After having launched with ‘Onwards Into Battle’ a first song from their upcoming longplayer, death metal veterans Memoriam unleash a next trailer that provides context to the new album ‘To The End’. Release date is March 26th.

Karl Willetts states:
“Onwards into Battle” is the opening track from the new album “To the End”.  A powerful introduction that sets the tone of the album and gives the listener a taste of what is to come. 
Lyrically the track provides continuity from the previous album  “Requiem for Mankind” and is similar in many ways to the track “Fixed Bayonets”. The lyrics focus on the start of battle “Zero Hour” which is appropriate for the start of the album.
within the theme of “War” the lyrics explore the brutally of trench warfare specifically. The war continues. Let battle commence.”

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