CD review KORPIKLAANI ‘Jylhä’

Those of you who read MHMB more often will surely know that folk metal a la Korpiklaani is certainly not my favorite genre in rock and metal. But you have to step outside the box every now and then, and in this case that means going for ‘Jylhä’ while pressing the start button. And what can I say, it’s worth it.

With eleven albums in 18 years, the Finns certainly belong to the category of very productive bands, even if the previous album ‘Kulkija’ is already three years out on the shops.

On February 5, it is the right time for a next release. Korpiklaani place their new album on the shelves of the record stores and this gives fans 13 new songs which are really enjoyable. Whether you like folk metal or not, ‘Jylhä’ has an entertainment factor. There’s the slowly grooving ‘Mylly’, the fast-paced opener ‘Verikoira’ and the galloping ‘Kiuri’, all great songs that unfold on first listen.

Overall, it can be stated that Korpiklaani are nuanced in their approach to their new record. Each song reflects a common ground, while it is the details that give the 13 tracks an identity with the melancholic ‘Miero’ and the rocking ‘Huolettomat’ being two examples. Last but not least, ‘Levälutha’ should be mentioned too because it was not to be expected that Korpiklaani would add a reggae vibe to one of their songs. However, the result is quite presentable.

‘Jylhä’ is an album that alternates between melancholy and party fun without losing an overall direction. This album is fun and should be checked out also by metalheads who have left the band on the sidelines so far.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Verikoira
  2. Niemi 
  3. Leväluhta
  4. Mylly
  5. Tuuleton 
  6. Sanaton maa 
  7. Kiuru 
  8. Miero 
  9. Pohja 
  10. Huolettomat
  11. Anolan aukeat
  12. Pidot 
  13. Juuret 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Folk Metal

Release Date EU: Februry 5th, 2021



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