Releasing an album like ‘Ellengæst’ shows a perfect sense for timing. Sunrays and upcoming colors of spring would take a away intensity from a longplayer that is wrapped in shades of grey.

After singer Daniel Änghede left, Justin Greaves had to close the gap and there are two ways to do that. Either you integrate a news singer or you work with a solid number of guests. Greaves decided to go for the latter.

‘Ellengæst’ comes with shared vocals. As a fix part of the line-up, Belinda Kordic, plays an important role here, adding vocals to five out of the eight songs on the longplayer. Sometimes as backing vocals (‘House of Fools’) and sometimes in the lead (‘Lost’) her voice creates a continuity. For the rest, the sininging is a shared and combined effort with no less than Gaahl being part of duet (‘In the Night’) while it’s Tribulations Jonathan Hultén, enriching ‘The Invisible Past’.

‘Ellengæst’ is like looking into a foggy landscape. At a first glimpse there’s a lot of melacholia and mystique. Darkness covers light and it’s the fascination of the unknown that makes you gazing into the blury shapes and shades. The deeper you focus the more unveil their dark charm and the eight songs on ‘Ellengæst’ have a bit of the same when it comes to music. First it is a lot of heavy-hearted music you get offered with the album but step by step the songs unveil a beauty, that’s partly fragile and often heavy and loud. The alternation between the two makes the album to a perfect soundtrack for a long winter night or a grey autumn weekend.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. House Of Fools
  2. Lost
  3. In The Night
  4. Cry Of Love
  5. Everything I Say
  6. (-)
  7. The Invisible Past
  8. She’s In Parties 

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Dark Rock

Release Date EU: October 9th, 2020



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