CD review NECROPHOBIC ‘Dawn of the Damned’

Necrophobic arose from the ’90s death metal scene in Stockholm. After having unveiled the debut album ‘The Nocturnal Silence’ in 1993, the metal command added numerous albums to their track record with ‘Mark of the Necrogram’ being the lastest one.

Two years later the Stockholm-based metal squad has the next longplayer lining up to be unleashed to the metal world. ‘Dawn of the Damned’ is the title of a record that comes with a cover artwork being quite similar to ‘Mark of the Necrogram’. Also kept in red, the first impression is very similar and the motive of the hellish cathedral returns on the artwork, just zooming in a bit more towards the altar of hellfire.

Musically Necrophobic put their immense experience in balance to create an album that is hellish and blistering. Death metal and black metal characteristics alternatate seamlessly, leading to songs like ‘Tartarian Winds’, which is a storm rather than a wind or breeze.

Being three decades in metal allows the quintet to set some songwriting statements too. Although being in general a raging album, the band has the ability to add twist and turns to the tota to write seven minutes riff infernos. ‘The Return of a Long Lost Soul’ is one of them. The quintet creates a truly sinister atmosphere and also harshness is a key element, all farmed by a moderade pace instead of going full speed ahead. The acoustic beginning of ‘Dawn of the Damned’ is another moment when Necrophobic uses contrast as an amplifier of heaviness. The few seconds of a peaceful start are swiped away by a might riff and an evil grunt, being the kick-start for another merciless blast. And who needs Google Maps if you can ask for ‘Darkness be My Guide’.

Last but not least the closer – ‘Devil’s Spawn Attack’. The last track on the album unveils the passion for thrash metal. Inspired by Kreator’s ‘Pleasure to Kill’ days, Necrophobic offer a thrash attack per excellence. And the fact that they could convince Destruction mainman Schmier to make an appearance intesifys

‘Dawn of the Damned’ is a grim longplayer and spreads a morbid fascination. It’s a blistering release that makes you feel the heat of hellfire.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Aphelion
  2. Darkness By My Guide
  3. Mirror Black
  4. Tartarian Winds
  5. The Infernal Depths of Eternity
  6. Dawn of the Damned
  7. The Shadows
  8. As the Fire Burns
  9. The Return of a Long Lost Soul
  10. Devil’s Spawn Attack

Label: Century Media

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 9th, 2020



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