CD review RAVEN ‘Metal City’

Two Englishmen in New York, that’s the Gallager brothers, also known as Raven. The Metal veterans have a long history in Heavy Metal, considering their debut ‘Rock Until You Drop’ being released in 1981. What was at the time just an title for a longplayer became a life motto with John and Mark Gallagher still rock the world 40 years later.

Raven has released many records and it’s the live shows that are even better, with the frontmen being real Metal dervishes. Already decades ago the trio found their homebase in traditional Heavy Metal and they stayed true to themselves over all the years. ‘Metal City’, the newest release, doesn’t stand for a new direction, the first good news. Raven is about powerful Metal songs and what could manifest it better than the brisk opener ‘The Power’. Nomen et omen since the track is an power pack from start to finish.

‘Top of the Mountain’ picks it up where the opener left off and it’s the entire album that doesn’t give you a break. The title track is the first song that comes with a moderate pace, equipped with a great chorus that can become a sing-a-long party in future live shows. ‘Cybertron’ is a wild ride and it takes a while before the song unfolds the beauty. A title like ‘Motorheadin” speaks for itself before ‘Not So Easy’ takes over. One is tempted to say that it is easy to write such a song since the trio belts out this track as if it would be the easiest thing on earth. This tune carries the essence of true Heavy Metal.

The final track on ‘Metal City’ is ‘When Worlds Collide’. The six minutes riff monster is a superb track, proving the fact that Raven has much more in their repertoire than just pushing the pedal to the metal. With a slower beat and mighty riffpower the song steamrolls everything that’s in the way.

‘Metal City’ showcases a band that kept their youthful fascination for Heavy Metal. The three warriors of Heavy Metal still have a lot to say and ‘Metal City’ is the next chapter of their illustrious cruise through the world of riffs.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Power
  2. Top of the Mountain
  3. Human Race
  4. Metal City
  5. Battlescarred
  6. Cybertron
  7. Motorheadin’
  8. Not So Easy
  9. Break
  10. When Worlds Collide

Label: Steamhammer

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020



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