CD review SKELETAL REMAINS ‘The Entombment of Chaos’

Skeletal Remains is a regular guest on the release schedules since 2012 when the guys premiered with ‘Beyond the Flesh’. The latest release to date was ‘Devouring Mortality’ which stepped out of the tomb in 2018.

Two years later ‘The Entombment of Chaos’ adds a next chapter to the books. The first thing you notice is the artwork, an oldschool cover that reminds of some Tampa Death Metal milestone releases. Bands like Obituary and Morbid Angel didn’t only inspire the band’s artwork, also the songs show roots in the ’90s heydays of Death Metal.

As not expected different, ‘The Entombment of Chaos’ is a skullcrushing release with raging solo parts, high tempo and deep growls. A big plus of this album is that Skeletal Remains don’t get lost in a high speed mishmash. Although most of the songs are fast smashers there is always a break or a twist that slightly adjusts the general pattern. There are always some exciting twists to explore, like with ‘Torturous Ways To Obliteration’.

As mentioned, the main pattern of the album is build on a higher tempo, which gives the slower paced ‘Eternal Hatred’ some extra space and attention. Skeletal Remains steamrollers everything with a brutal riff and menacing vocals. Speed is great, like with ‘Unfurling the Casket’, but also not the ultimate tool of heaviness.

With ‘Cosmic Chasm’ the band placed an intro on top of the batting order and it’s an sinister interlude called ‘Enshrined in Agony’ that acts as a break half-way before hell breaks loose again with ‘Dissecstacy’.

Skeletal Remains live up to expectation when it comes to their forth full-length longplayer. This brutal and fierce Death Metal is an assault for untrained eardrums and a delight for fans of merciless Death Metal.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Cosmic Chasm (Intro)
  2. Illusive Divinity
  3. Congregation Of Flesh
  4. Synthetic Impulse
  5. Tombs Of Chaos
  6. Enshrined In Agony
  7. Dissectasy
  8. Torturous Ways To Obliteration
  9. Eternal Hatred
  10. Unfurling The Casket
  11. Stench Of Paradise Burning (Disincarnate cover)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 11th, 2020



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