CD review JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE ‘Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes’

When bands release a new version of their milestone albums, it is often an ambiguous issue that raises the question of ‘why’. The ‘new’ Jack Russell’s Great White album belongs in this category.

‘Once Bitten’ is certainly one of the pearls of ’80s hard rock. Billboard Charts position 23 and the successful singles ‘Rock Me’ and ‘Save Your Love’ speak volumes and still I don’t know if the world has been waiting for an acoustic version of this rock classic.

‘Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes’ is certainly not a bad interpretation of the nine songs of ‘Once Bitten’. Jack Russell is in good voice and the acoustic versions of the hit-songs come with a smooth groove. Good songs don’t get worse over the years and this is also true for hymns like ‘All Over now’. Still, the feeling remains that the fast made Euro/Dollar is the underlying aim here. Why didn’t Jack Russell’s Great White just write and record new songs? Maybe because they wanted to play it safe? Who knows.

‘Once Please Acoustic Bytes’ is certainly not a bad acoustic album. Die-hard fans and collectors will certainly enjoy this album. The rest of the rock’n’roll world can probably live on without this record. The gentle and soulful swinging Great White tunes, that’s for me still songs like ‘Old Rose Motel’ and ‘Maybe Someday’, or ‘Save Your Love’, but then in the original version.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Lady Redlight
  2. Gonna Getcha
  3. Rock Me
  4. All Over Now
  5. Mistreater
  6. Never Change Heart
  7. Fast Road
  8. Livin’ On the Edge
  9. Save Your Love
  10. Babe (I’m Gonna Leave You)

Label: Cleopatra Records

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: May 1st, 2020 (digital), June 5th, 2020 (physical)



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