CD review SHOK PARIS ‘Full Metal Jacket’

It has been announced for quite some time and now it is about to be reality, a new record of Shok Paris.

The band from Cleveland, Ohio had produced a small US metal icon in the 80s with ‘Steel and Starlight’, but disbanded in 1989 after the release of ‘Concrete Killers’. Over the past few years, there have been a few Shok Paris live shows to watch, but no new studio recording was on the horizon. This is changing now.

With ‘The Creed’ the band from Cleveland sets a short intro at the beginning of ‘Full Metal Jacket’, followed by the title track. What is clear from the very beginning is that Shok Paris have not changed their sound over the last 30 years. Of course, time hasn’t left the band untouched, but especially the two founding members Ken Erb and Vic Hix are interested in recreating the old spirit of the 80s with the Flying V still roaring.

With songs like the energetic title track, but also songs like ‘Do or Die’ the quintet succeed quite well. The super fast ‘Hell Day’ is certainly one of the positive moments on ‘Full Metal Jacket’ also, songs with a strong oldschool vibe. ‘Fall From Grace’ is also pretty good but the record doesn’t meet all expectations. A few songs, like ‘Metal on Metal’, sound a bit half-baked. You could still get over it if the sound would be better. ‘Full Metal Jacket’ sounds a bit muffled and undifferentiated, which reduces the overall impression somewhat.

‘Steel and Starlight’ remains unsurpassed, we can certainly state that. All in all, ‘Full Metal Jacket’ is an album which is certainly not a bummer, but it doesn’t meet the expectations to 100%. There would have been more in it and it’s a bit like a missed chance.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Creed
  2. Full Metal Jacket
  3. Nature of the Beast
  4. Do or Die
  5. Metal on Metal
  6. Brothers in Arms
  7. Black Boots
  8. Hell Day
  9. Those Eyes
  10. Fall from Grace
  11. Symphony of the Sea
  12. Up the Hammers (bonus track)

Label: No Remorse Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2020


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