CD review HORISONT ‘Sudden Death’

Gothenburg’s hard rocker Horisont are about to release their new studio album called ‘Sudden Death’ in a few days. Three years after ‘About Time’, the five guys from the Swedish West coast return with an album that represents a next milestone in the band’s career.

Singer Axel says about the approach for the new longplayer: “Our mission was to make the record that WE wanted to do, and not what people expect us to do” and I think that this freedom is an important factor for the ease, spread by the 11 excellent hard rock songs of this record.
‘Sudden Death’, in contrary to the title, is a very lively record. 70’s hard rock comes together with very catchy melodies, something that already shows up positively in the opener ‘Revolution’. Thin Lizzy meets classic rock meets ABBA, that is the vibe, the opener spreads.

Classic rock of the 70’s is also a source of inspiration for the swinging ‘Free Riding’, a song for which the sound of Cactus and Thin Lizzy was of great importance.

Irresistible hooks automatically get stuck up in your ear channels and are a delight for mind and soul. Sometimes exhilaratingly rocking, like on ‘Pushin’ the Line’ and ‘Runaway’, sometimes more cinematic, like on ‘Standing Here’, the five Swedes groove through 52 minutes of exquisite rock.

With ‘Archaeopteryx in Flight’ the album also carries a highlight towards the end. The multi-layered eight-minute song impresses with musical creativity and excellent melodies. Even though it is an instrumental, the tune has the potential to create images just by the music itself.

‘Sudden Death’ isn’t deadly. On the contrary. Horisont’s new album is vital and alive from start to finish. It exudes a lightness that makes it easy for the fans of well-crafted rock music to listen to the album. At the same time Horisont manage to ensure a long term listening experience through multi-layering and with every new round on your recordplayer new details appear. All in all ‘Sudden Death’ is a great album which actually should be enjoyed as vinyl.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Revolution
  2. Free Riding
  3. Pushin’ The Line
  4. Into The Night
  5. Standing Here
  6. Runaway
  7. Gråa Dagar
  8. Sail On
  9. Breaking The Chain
  10. Hold On
  11. Archaeopteryx In Flight

Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2020



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