CD review HORISONT ‘Sudden Death’

'Sudden Death' isn't deadly. On the contrary. Horisont's new album is vital and alive from start to finish. It exudes a lightness that makes it easy for the fans of well-crafted rock music to listen to the album. At the same time Horisont manage to ensure a long term listening experience through multi-layering and with every new round on your recordplayer new details appear. All in all 'Sudden Death' is a great album which actually should be enjoyed as vinyl.

HORISONT announce ‘Sudden Death’

After already announcing their upcoming tour Gothenburg’s Horisont are finally breaking the news about their new studio album, 'Sudden Death', which is due for a release on May 15th, 2020. Horisont’s 'Sudden Death' supercharges their mountainous ascent in an immediate explosion of rich and intricately created songs, but in it’s conception was an artfully crafted... Continue Reading →

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