CD review BITTERNESS ‘Dead World Order’

Nearly 20 years in business and not tired of delivering ‘into-the-face’ Metal, that’s Bitterness. The trio from Southern Germany premiered in 2002 with ‘Dawn of Golden Blood’ and released five more records to date.

The newest production will see the light of day mid-May this year and is entitled ‘Dead World Order’. The longplayer features nine Thrash Metal anthems, impressive Metal tunes with a lot of riff power.

Inspired by bands like Exodus and Kreator, the trio fires on all cylinders with their music. There isn’t a real weak spot on this tracklist. An intro called ‘The Last Sunrise’ is a good starting point and the calmness before the storm. After a bit less than a minute Bitterness release the brakes with ‘A Bullet a Day’, a song that challenges the robustness of your speakers. It’s a powerful smasher with Exodus-inspired riffpower.

The album features with ‘Forward Into the Past’ additional spot-on songs. In contrary there are the more epic tracks as well, showing the bands songwriting qualities. ‘Blood Feud’ is one of these tunes, being a seven minutes power track with a good dynamic and well-placed twists. Last but not least there is with ‘Darkest Times’ an appealing instrumental as closer of the album, showing again that the trio knows how to write good music.

Waldshut-Tiengen, homebase of Bitterness, isn’t known for being the hot spot of Heavy Metal. However, Bitterness does their best to change this and having an album like ‘Dead World Order’ at hand is for sure very helpful. Bang your head.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Last Sunrise
  2. A Bullet a Day
  3. Dead World Order
  4. Idiocracy
  5. Let God sort ’em Out
  6. Forward Into the Past
  7. Blood Feud
  8. None More Black
  9. Darkest Times (Instrumental)

Label: G.U.C.

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2020



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