CD review BLAZON RITE ‘Dulce Bellum Inexpertis’ – EP

Blazon Rite is a new metal outfit, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band, including Pierson Roe (b), Ryan Haley (d), James Kirn (g) and Johnny Halladay (v), released a few weeks ago their first EP, a four-track record with pure underground metal.

The album starts slow and with a cinematic intro, being the starting point for the opener ‘The Warriors Choice (Take Me Away)’. After the intro fades out, metal takes over with a galloping rhythm. Typical heavy metal is what the four-piece band has to offer, maybe not done in perfection but with potential and passion.

‘Diamond Daggyr’ starts in an acoustic fashion before the songs takes a turn towards a NWoBHM inspired metal track with a solid portion of rock’n’roll. The pounding ‘Into the Expanse (Solar Portals and Celestial Holes)’ is the next stop on this four stop journey before ‘Udug Hul (Summons You)’ marks the final chapter of this EP. The closer is a furious and wild metal track, spiced up with a bit of a punk vibe. Blazon Rite definitly stretches the borders with this song.

If you’re always looking for new bands that enrich the metal underground, Blazon Rite is an outfit you should check-out. I guess we will hear more of the band over the coming years.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Warriors Choice (Take Me Away)
  2. Diamond Daggyr
  3. Into the Expanse (Solar Portal and Celestial Holes)
  4. Udug Hul (Summons You)

Label: Self-released

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: March 29th, 2020



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