CD review TYRANT (U.S.) ‘Hereafter’

The importance of live shows and festivals can’t be emphasized enough. Not only that these are the moment that bring metal to life, they are also initiator and motivator for some veteran bands to return onstage and maybe more. Tyrant, hailing from Pasadena, California, is one of these bands that had some first heydays in the ’80s before the band went to a long hiatus.

After having release a third album in 1996 it was the Keep It True festival that awoke the beast out of its winter sleep. That was eleven years ago and Tyrant was back again. The first two longplayers have been re-released in 2018 via Shadow Kingdom Records and 24 years after ‘King of Kings’ has been revealed the quartet returns with an extreme strong new album entitled ‘Hereafter’.

US metal and power metal fans will be thrilled by ‘Hereafter’. What the guys from Pasadena deliver is first class metal, raw and wild. Nothing sounds polished or made-up. Instead the album has a powerful and dynamic sound with no less than Bill Metoyer signing responsible for.

After the short intro, meaningfully titled ‘Tyrant’s Revelation’, the first crusher is ‘Dancing on Graves’. Howling guitars, a driving beat and ingenious vocal lines is what makes the songs stand out. While talking about the vocals, Tyrant could win over Rob Lowe (Solitude Aeternus and ex-Candlemass) for the role of the singer, a real lucky pull. What you shouldn’t miss either with ‘Dancing on Graves’ is the extreme cool solo part at the end of the song’. Just wow.

The slow ‘Fire Burns’ is another highlight on ‘Hereafter’. The passion for doom metal is obvious and perfectly drawn attention to. Directly next in line is the title track, an eight minute epos that makes everyone’s metal heart beat faster.
And a little bit of Maiden-feeling comes up on ‘Pieces of Mine’ while ‘When the Sky Falls’ is one of the most atmospheric tracks on this longplayer.

‘Hereafter’ is an excellent album which shows that the metal veterans haven’t lost any of their fascination. In contrary. An oldschool vibe, some experience and intelligent songwriting make each of the 11 songs to a little metal treat you can enjoy over and over again. Metal has to sound like this record. Thanks Tyrant.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Tyrant’s Revelation
  2. Dancing on Graves
  3. The Darkness Comes
  4. Fire Burns
  5. Hereafter
  6. Pieces of Mine
  7. Until the Day
  8. When the Sky Falls
  9. Bucolic
  10. Beacon the Light
  11. From the Tower

Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 15th, 2020



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