CD review PALACE ‘Reject the System’

Palace, that’s not a new player in Metal, considering the fact of seven releases to date. The guys from Speyer, Germany startet 30 years ago and the fact that they are still releasing records shows willpower and staying power.

‘Reject the System’ is the newest release that reaches us from Speyer, featuring ten tracks of typical Teutonic Metal. Palace is actually less pompous than what the band name states. Their music is more a solid house of Rock than a palace, which is per se nothing bad.

Tracks like the hard-hitting ‘Force of Steel’ and the firing ‘Legion of Resistance’ show good craftsmanship of the German steel workers. Also ‘The Faker’ shows a good sense for heavy pounding riffs, although being very much influenced by bands like Accept and U.D.O.. A lot of strong steel from Solingen has obviously been transferred to Speyer and Palace picks it up with delight. Last but not least there’s with ‘Hail the the Metal Lord’ a moderate paced tune on the album, a hymn for headbangers with a solid rhythm and good melodies. A bit of Hammerfall influences in some parts of the song can’t be denied though.

‘Reject the System’, that’s well-crafted Teutonic Metal, not more but certainly also not less. If you love a strong beat, a grooving bassline and heavy riffs, Palace’s new album is the deliverer of what you’re looking for.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Force Of Steel
  2. Soulseeker
  3. Final Call Of Destruction
  4. The Faker
  5. Hail To The Metal Lord
  6. Bloodstained World
  7. Valhalla Land
  8. Legion Of Resistance
  9. Wings Of Storm
  10. No One Break My Will

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 3rd, 2020



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