CD review DYNAZTY ‘The Dark Delight’

In some of my earlier reviews I referred to the great sense of Swedish Rock bands for hooklines and melodies. Dynazty isn’t an exception. The new longplayer ‘The Dark Delight’ is filled with a lot of this key ingredient without solely relying on it.

The band, that started in 2008 in Stockholm, uses great melodies without drowning in sugar coating and the songs that made it on ‘The Dark Delight’ are firing from different angles. If you would create a hybrid of Sabaton’s power, Dragonforce high-speed and a symphonic approach from bands like Delain you would get close to what the seventh Dynazty album reflects in a good fashion.

It’s unrealisitc to not be impressed by the thundering ‘From Sound to Silence’, a song with a hard working rhyhtm-section and great vocals lines that even crosses lines towards hoarse screams.

Dynazty takes a next step, leaving Hard Rock behind and moving with ‘The Dark Delight’ towards melodic Modern Metal. ‘Heartless Madness’ manifests this adjustment, being another example, with its pounding beat is actually a bright delight and the same goes for the impressive ‘Waterfall’.

What makes the well-crafted songs shine even more is the very dense sound and a powerful production. No less than Jacob Hansen signed being responsible for the mix while the band took care about the production themselves.

‘The Dark Delight’ is a good example for Modern Metal with a strong melodic touch and the question remains: from where do Swedes get all this intuition for these catchy moments?

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Presence Of Mind
  2. Paradise Of The Architect
  3. The Black
  4. From Sound To Silence (Feat. GG6)
  5. Hologram
  6. Heartless Madness
  7. Waterfall
  8. Threading The Needle
  9. The Man And The Elements
  10. Apex
  11. The Road To Redemption
  12. The Dark Delight
  13. The Shoulder Devil

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: April 3rd, 2020



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