CD review LORD VIGO 'Danse De Noir'

‘Danse de Noir’ is the fourth release of German Metal outfit Lord Vigo, a ten songs featuring record that comes through High Roller Records. Knowing the portfolio of High Roller Records doesn’t leave a doubt about this album being a next well-crafted Metal release, based on more traditional Heavy Metal.

Lord Vigo, hailing from Landstuhl, Germany, has chosen for new lyrical concept for the new album. ‘Danse de Noir’ is a concept album and Science Fiction is the common theme throughout.

The lyrical concept is one thing, but the musical aspect is what counts even more. Here I can state that Lord Vigo delivers an excellent album. The previous longplayer ‘Six Must Die’ was already a strong addition to their discography and ‘Danse de Noir’ can easily handle any comparison.

As a fan of Epic Metal you should listen to songs like the majestic ‘The Verge of Time’. Build on a strong riff, reminding of Black Sabbath during the Tony Martin days, leads-off the song. Gentle keyboards create the bigger soundscapes and even though being present throughout the song never loses its heaviness.

The title track is a slower paced riff monster while complexity comes with ‘As Silence Grows Old’, manifesting a good level of variety. Last but not least the album features three narrative interludes, being needed for the storyline more than for the musical excitement. and with ‘Between Despair and Ecstasy’ the album also carries a song that ends up in more average fields, something other highlights can easily compensate for.

Metal blacksmiths Lord Vigo forged with ‘Danse de Noir’ a next cool longplayer that carries many good songs. Fans of Epic Metal should check out this longplayer.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Voight Kampff Situation
  2. Danse De Noir
  3. Are You Human
  4. The Verge of Time
  5. Fiery The Angels Fell
  6. Shoulder of Orion
  7. And Then the Planets Will Align
  8. Between Despair and Ecstasy
  9. As Silence Grows Old
  10. Memento Mori

Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 10th, 2020


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