CD review FREEWAYS 'True Bearings'

Freeways, hailing from Ontario, Canada, have a new album in the starting blocks. ‘True Bearings’ is the title of their newest delivery, a seven songs comprising record acting as a full-length debut for the band.

The first time I heard of the band was while listening to the ‘Trapped Under Ice Vol.1’-compilation, featuring many (in Europe) barely known Canadian bands. Freeways contributed with ‘Heavy Rescue’ to this release and represented the retro sounds of Rock and Metal.

Freeways takes their inspiration from ’70s bands. UFO, April Wine and Thin Lizzy delivered the blueprint that’s picked up by the Canadian quartet. ‘True Bearings’ is a rocks quite well and is an ‘easy-listening-through’ experience. Sometime, like in ‘Sorrow (Was Her Name)’, a certain psychedelic vibe spices things up, while ‘Dead Air’, with its hypnotic rhythm, is another cool grooving track before ‘Time is No Excuse’ offers a soulful expression.

‘True Bearings’ is a well-done debut album that doesn’t challenge the frames of Rock/Metal but is done with passion and a lot of dedication. Hand-crafted music, as we expect it from a Canadian band.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Eternal Light, Eternal Night
  2. Sorrow (Was Her Name)
  3. True Bearings
  4. Dead Air
  5. Battered – Bruised
  6. Time is No excuse
  7. Survival

Label: Temple Of Mystery

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date: April 3rd, 2020


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