Since a few years Swedish The Night Flight Orchestra cause a sensation with their ’80s Disco-Rock sound. ‚Amber Galactic‘ was the album that brought the band some real attention and what’s easily forgotten is the fact that the guys released with ‚Internal Affairs‘ and ‚Skyline Whispers‘ excellent records already years before the break-through album hit the shelves.

The Night Flight Orchestra is the brainchild of Soilwork frontman Björn Strid and guitarist David Andersson. The guys turned their passion for AOR and Classic Rock into an outfit that reflects a strong contrast to Strid’s mothership Soilwork. Also the new longplayer ‚Aeromantic‘ doesn’t take a different route and picks it up where the band left off two years ago with ‚Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough‘. Great melodies and hooks is what the band delivers, packaged to stellar Rock songs that stick to your mind right away.

One of the essential assets of The Night Flight is their excellence sense for big melodies. While listening to sings like ‘Divinyl’ and ‘Transmissions’ I’m tempted to say that The Night Flight Orchestra evolve to the ABBA of Rock. These song have an easy-going vibe, catchy melodies and still enough depth to avoid triviality. It’s not that these songs curries favor with the listener per se. Hooks and harmonies are the irresistible factor though for each of these tracks with various layer being the decisive factor for more than one spin of this longplayer.

Next to these really cool songs the hit density in general is pretty high on ‘Aeromantic’. From the uptempo opener ‘Servants of the Air’, reminding of Pretty Maids during the ‘Future World’-days, to the closer ‘City Lights and Moonbeams’ the longplayer leaves nothing to be desired, with ‘Taurus’ and ‘Sister Mercurial’ being more colorful highlights on ‘Aeromantic’.

‚Aeromantic‘ reflects The Night Flight Orchestra with a 100%. The album is the perfect companion for a one hour flight, again and again and again, a journey that brings you to the colorful place to be when it’s about Melodic Rock.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Servants of the Air
  2. Divinyls
  3. If Tonight is Our Only Chance
  4. This Boy’s Last Summer
  5. Curves
  6. Transmissions
  7. Aeromantic
  8. Golden Swansdown
  9. Taurus
  10. Carmencita Seven
  11. Sister Mercurial
  12. Dead of Winter
  13. City Lights and Moonbeams

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: February 28th, 2020



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