CD review STORMWARRIOR ‘Norsemen’

It’s a fact that vikings also came to Hamburg and thinking about the assault in 845 A.D. it wasn’t with a peaceful intention. However, these days are long gone but there’s still some viking spirit alive in the Hansestadt at the Elbe river.

Hamburgs Metal powerhouse Stormwarrior have a new longplayer in the starting blocks. ‘Norsemen’ is the simple title of this release, an album with nine songs. Not only thematically the album connects to the 2008 album ‘Heading Northe’. It’s the title track that has its roots in the early years of the 21st century and it’s more songs on the album being based on ideas generated in the ‘Heading Northe’ period. ‘Shieled Wall’, a Metal hymn, was written right after the release of ‘Heading Northe’ and racing ‘Blade on Blade’ that carries some elements of the 2008 years too. One factor for all this is the return of Falko Grau (formerly Reshöft).

A big moment on the album is the closer. Stormhammer wrote with ‘Sword of Valhalla’ an eleven minute epos, being the longest track the guys ever released. An acoustic section introduces the song before furious guitars take over. As usual, Stormwarrior plays fast but you can’t push the pedal to the metal all the time. Halfway the song shifts towards an anthemic part with a moderate pace before a swift lead bring back tempo and speed. The second half of the song lives by this interaction before storm and sea brings the album to an end.

‘Norsemen’ ends a five year wait for a new Stormwarrior album and marks the return of Falko Grau behind the drumkit. Stormwarrior still starts a Metal storm with their sixth album. It’s not that they bring much new to the platee, but you can feel with every tone played that this album is done with passion for what the Hanseatic powerhouse loves most – to-the-point Heavy Metal. Horns up.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


1. To The Shores Where We Belong
2. Norsemen (We Are)
3. Storm Of The North
4. Freeborn
5. Odin’s Fire
6. Sword Dane
7. Blade On Blade
8. Shield Wall
9. Sword Of Valhalla

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 29th, 2019



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