CD review QUIET RIOT ‘Hollywood Cowboys’

Quiet Riot, that‘s very much connected to the raspy vocals of Kevin DuBrow. Sadly the singer passed away in 2007 at the age of 52, but it‘s records like ‘Metal Health‘ he enriched with his vocals, timeless Metal albums being still relevant today..

Quiet Riot in 2019 is another ballgame. Driven by the veterans Frankie Banali and Chuck Wight the rhythm section reflects the early days. 

Unfortunately the music on Quiet Riot’s new album ‘Hollywood Cowboys’ doesn’t bring back the vibe of this time. I mentioned the vocals and it goes without saying that James Durbin is a great singer. He does a good job but he also can‘t do a lot to make the songs fly on ‚Hollywood Cowboys‘. It’s the songs itself just doesn’t ignite a musical fireworks. And on top of it Quiet Riot replaced Durbin by Jizzy Pearl and you wonder why the parted ways with the great singer.

Regardless if the band reveals their passion for Blues (‚Roll On‘) or tries to fire on all cylinder (‚In the Blood‘), it‘s not more than average Hard Rock songs finding their way out of your speakers. 

With ‚Insanity‘ the album also includes some brighter moment but it‘s songs like ‚Holding On‘ that aren‘t more than standard Rock songs. At least ‚Last Outcast‘ reflects a good Rock spirit. It would have been a good ending of the album but it‘s with ‚Arrows and Angels‘ an of- the-shelf song that makes the record crossing the finishing line.

Since the old trademarks aren‘t there anymore it would be better to continue the ‘ firm’ under another name than Quiet Riot. ‚Hollywood Cowboys‘ is an average release and I can‘t get rid of the feeling that the band name should help to sell more pieces of an average record.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. Don’t Call it Love
  2. In the Blood
  3. Heartbreak City
  4. The Devil That You Know
  5. Change or Die
  6. Roll On
  7. Insanity
  8. Hellbender
  9. Wild Horses
  10. Holding On
  11. Last Outcast
  12. Arrows and Angels

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: November 8th, 2019



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